The corona epidemic has caused havoc in the whole world as well as in our country. More people are being affected by the second wave of Corona this year than last year. Many people in the country are vulnerable to Corona. We do not have to worry about this. We can beat Corona by improving our food and drink while staying at home. By improving the diet plan a little bit, we can beat the corona. 

Eat things related to vitamins and minerals
In this difficult time of Corona epidemic, we have to include things in our food which are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and antioxidants. Because these days all these essential nutrients are very important for our body. We have to eat more and more green vegetables. Due to its intake, the deficiency of essential nutrients in our body is fulfilled.
Eating vegetables that are rooted like potato, sweet potato, ginger etc. can be beneficial for you.

Drink plenty of water:
We must not let the amount of water in our body decrease. For this, drink sufficient amount of water from time to time and eat fruits and vegetables containing water.

Keep consuming non-vegetarian food from time to time:
Those people who eat non-vegetarian food, they should eat red meat at least twice a week and must take chicken two to three times in a week. This also provides the necessary nutrients in our body.

Fruit is most important:
At least 2 cups of fruits should remain in our food throughout the day, as well as two and a half cups of green vegetables and 160 grams of meat and 180 grams of grains. The fruit keeps our body fresh and also strengthens our immunity. Be sure to include fruits in your diet. 

How important are milk eggs:
Oats, yogurt, eggs, almonds, cheese, bread and milk etc. also contain sufficient amount of riboflavin. You can also include them in your diet.
Lemon and garlic: Lemon is found in plenty of vitamin C. Be sure to include it in your diet. Also garlic is beneficial for health. Alkaline is found in sufficient quantities in it. Also increases oxygen levels. 

Avoid fat foods:
Don’t take fat stuff: Corona infection is more vulnerable to people who are unwell. In such a situation, heart patients, people suffering from obesity or patients suffering from diabetes and cancer should not consume high fat items. Consumption of sugar-rich foods should be avoided and people with hypertension should avoid salt intake.

Distance from processing food will have to be better:
Avoid eating food items like process food, fast food, snacks, pizza etc. during the Corona period. At such times, corona patients should not eat refined flour, fried food or junk food. Unsaturated fats like chips, packet juice, cold drinks, cheese, butter, mutton, fried, processed meats and palm oil should be avoided. Eat yellow eggs only once a week. This will keep your immunity.

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