IPS officer, made at the age of just 22, was selected for the first time by preparing in such a manner

Indian women are not behind in any task, in everything, they are walking step by step with boys, the story of Maryan Joseph is similar, please tell that Maryanne Joseph is an IPS of Kerala cadre. When she was in 6th standard, she thought about joining the civil service. Shortly after this, he started preparing for the exam and started making regular studies and notes, and after working day and night, he started working hard on his studies, and when it came time for his exams, he first started Successfully set a precedent.

IPS Merin Joseph not only became an IPS at the young age of 22 but she has done many things for the safety of women.

Maryann Joseph, born in a nice house in Kerala, is an IPS officer who is known for her unique work style and beauty. Kerala cadre IPS officer Marin had decided in her childhood that she would choose civil services as she grew up and would contribute to the service of the country.

Let me tell you that Maryan Joseph belonged to a good family, so she got good nurturing facilities as well as a good education environment. She got her early education from her home town Kerala and then moved to Delhi to pursue higher education. He holds a BA Honors and a Post Graduation degree in History from the famous St. Stephens College in Delhi.

Marin Joseph married Kerala-based psychiatrist Dr. Chris Abraham on 2 February 2015, tell her that her father is a lead consultant in the Ministry of Agriculture and her mother is an economics teacher. In 2012, he passed the civil service examination in the first attempt itself.

Became the youngest officer to command the parade

In 2016, she became the youngest officer to command the State Independence Day Parade, Marin loves to read books, buy bags by filling bags wherever she goes. According to him, initially for those who were away from athletics, especially in the beginning, they have problems in this training, but as the body gets used to it all becomes normal. According to her, she is available 24 hours on call and is always ready to fight trouble.

This is how training was done

He was trained at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad. Maryann Joseph had learned weapons and swimming here. As well as living alone in remote areas, living barefoot, he also learned from here. She gets up at 4.45 am and runs 4-5 km daily. He learned horse riding, armament, swimming, diving etc. in his training time.

Currently, IPS Merin Joseph is 31 years old, but he has maintained his own identity. She is recognized as a strict and honest lady officer in the entire department. The way IPS Marin Joseph works also inspires other police officers.

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