Baba Ka Dhaba owner Kanta Prasad attempted suicide. The police gave information about this. According to the information received, Baba’s treatment of Dhaba owner Kanta Taprasad is going on at present. Kanta Prasad’s wife told that he was under a lot of stress for the past few days. Kanta Prasad has been admitted to the hospital late on Thursday night. He is 80 years old. 

Kanta Prasad was under a lot of stress for a few days
Delhi Police said that Baba Ka Dhaba owner Kanta Prasad was under stress for some time. He attempted suicide late on Thursday night. He is currently being treated at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. Recently it was reported that due to financial troubles, he had to close his restaurant. They were back at their stall on the side of the road. 

There was a suicide attempt late Thursday night
According to the report of the English newspaper Indian Express, the police received a call on Thursday night that a person had attempted suicide. When the police reached there, it came to know that the person who attempted suicide is Kanta Prasad. At present he is being treated. Along with Kanta Prasad, his wife, who runs Baba’s dhaba, was under a lot of stress for the past few days.

Kanta Prasad’s restaurant business was closed
Kanta Prasad, who set up a roadside food stall by the name of Baba Ka Dhaba, came into the limelight during the lockdown last year. Then a YouTuber named Gaurav Vasan had put his video on social media. Seeing the financial crisis of Kanta Prasad, a large number of people helped. Even celebrities helped Kanta Prasad a lot. Later, Kanta Prasad lodged a case of fraud against Gaurav Vasan, who helped him. Kanta Prasad had also opened a restaurant but due to the continuous lockdown, his restaurant did not run. 

Kanta Prasad had apologized to Gaurav Vasan
Kanta Prasad had told that he had opened the restaurant by investing five lakh rupees. In that, the restaurant rent had to be paid Rs 35,000, while Rs 36,000 would go to the salary of the employees. The income per month was only 40 thousand rupees. He had closed the restaurant on February 15 this year. Kanta Prasad recently apologized to YouTuber Gaurav Vasan. Gaurav Vasan also forgot all the grievances and reached Baba’s Dhaba and met Kanta Prasad.

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