People who beat Covid-19 are victims of black fungus, these are symptoms and preventive measures

People are falling prey to fungal (fungal) infections after defeating Covid-19. This infection is commonly identified by the name Black Fungal and its scientific name is ‘Mucoramycosis’. Due to this infection people are losing their eyesight and in some cases even death. Let us know how you can protect your patient from this deadly fungal infection.

What is Mucor Mycosis According to the
Indian Council of Medical Sciences (ICMR), Mucor mycosis is a kind of rare fungal infection that spreads very rapidly in the body. This infection is also affecting the brain, lungs and skin. In this disease, many eyes lose light while some patients have jaw and nose bones. If the treatment is not received in time, the patient may die.

Danger to already ill people
This fungal infection is affecting those people who were suffering from another disease and undergoing treatment even before the corona was affected. This reduces their body’s ability to fight environmental pathogens. When such people are admitted to the hospital for treatment of corona, the fungal present in the environment infects them very fast. Scientists say that steroids used in the treatment of corona are also causing this fungal infection.

Prone to diabetes patients
According to the ICMR, this transition rapid impact on those weak immunity. Mucor mycosis can take dangerous forms if the sugar level increases, especially in patients with corona who have diabetes.

Be cautious if you have redness in the eyes. 
Symptoms include fever, headache, cough, shortness of breath, bloody vomiting and altered mental state with pain and redness around the eyes or nose. At the same time, due to these infections on the skin, pimples or blisters may occur and the infection may turn black. Some patients also experience eye pain, blurred vision, abdominal pain, vomiting or nausea. However, according to consultants, it is not necessary to have a black fungus every time a nose block occurs. So do not hesitate to get the inquiry done.

Do this on seeing the symptoms,
if any of these symptoms are felt, then a doctor should be contacted immediately. If treatment is started in time, it can be cured with antifungal medicines. Surgery may also be required to remove the affected dead tissue in those in which the condition becomes severe. Keep in mind that in case of such problem, do not eat any medicine without consulting the doctor.

Treatment of the disease is fatal, 
the death rate of this infection is 50%, but if the disease is identified in the patient in time, then treatment is possible. It is treated with antifungals but may require surgery in black fungus. Doctors say that controlling diabetes, reducing steroid use and discontinuing immunomodulating drugs are the most important. Treatments to maintain adequate amounts of water in the body include amphotericin-B for at least 4–6 weeks and normal saline before antifungal therapy (4).

For these patients,
cases of Mucaramicosis or ‘Black Fungus’ infection are seen everywhere in persons recovering from different ward covid-19. Amid increasing cases, the Gujarat government has started setting up separate wards in hospitals for such patients and has purchased 5,000 vials of medicine used in its treatment. So far more than 100 cases of Mucaramicosis have been reported in Gujarat.

It is a serious but rare fungal infection, due to which many patients have become blind and are also causing other serious problems. According to the state government, 19 patients are currently being treated at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. According to the state government, two separate dedicated 60-bed wards have been set up at the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for the treatment of such patients.

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