Rajpal Yadav is the father of three daughters, married a 9-year-old girl from Canada for the second time.

Rajpal Yadav, a well-known actor of Hindi cinema, has made the audience laugh and tickle a lot with his comedy. This short stature actor has earned a big name in the film world. Rajpal Yadav has been working in Bollywood for more than two decades and he has achieved a lot of success in the film world.

There was a time in Bollywood when films in the name of Rajkumar used to become hits. Rajpal Yadav, who started his film career with a small role, later made great headlines by playing supporting roles in films. Rajpal was last seen in the hit film ‘Judwaa 2’, even after this some of his films came, although they proved to be flops.

Along with his excellent comedy and strong performance, Rajpal Yadav has also been in the headlines for his personal life. Very few people are aware that Rajpal Yadav has done a total of two marriages and he has 3 two daughters. Let us tell you today about Rajpal Yadav’s personal life

Rajpal Yadav first married a woman named Karuna. Both had a daughter Jyoti. However, very soon Rajpal Yadav’s first wife said goodbye to the world. After giving birth to daughter Jyoti, Karuna passed away from this world. Later he married for the second time. The name of second wife of Rajpal Yadav is Radha Yadav. Let us introduce you to the love story of Radha and Rajpal today.

It is said that after the death of first wife Karuna, Rajpal Yadav was not ready to take seven rounds for the second time, but Radha’s support was written in his luck. In one of his interviews, Rajpal Yadav had told that, “My wife Radha is 9 years younger than me. We had a love marriage.” According to Rajpal, when he went to Canada for the shooting of his film ‘The Hero’, he met Radha.

According to the information, Rajpal and Radha met through a common friend. At first, there was no talk between the two, but when the meetings started increasing, both of them gave heart to each other. Both of them went ahead and spent time together for 10 days. Rajpal returned to India after finishing the shooting of the film. Although both were in touch with each other.

Referring to the first meeting, Rajpal Yadav’s wife had told that, “When I first arrived in Mumbai, Rajpal took me to his house. To surprise me, he had got the interior of the house done in the same hotel as in the hotel in Canada, where we first met. Let me tell you that on 10 May 2003, Radha and Rajpal took seven rounds.

While Rajpal has a daughter Jyoti from his first wife, Radha and Rajpal also have two daughters. Let us tell you that Rajpal’s elder daughter Jyoti is married.

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