Sunny Deol’s wife Pooja Deol is very beautiful, 37 years ago she secretly got married

Even though the Bollywood shooting has stopped due to the lockdown, all the stars of Bollywood and TV are sharing their pictures and videos on their social media handles. Along with this, some old stories and pictures related to Bollywood are also being shown viral on social media. Yes, recently, pictures of Dharmendra’s elder daughter-in-law Pooja Deol are being shared widely on social media. Significantly, Pooja is the wife of Bollywood’s famous actor Sunny Deol, but lives far away from Limelight. And because of this, many of his pictures are not available because of this.

Pooja Deol is very beautiful

Actor Sunny Deol’s wife and Dharmendra’s elder daughter-in-law Pooja is extremely beautiful. Seeing her beautiful pictures, you will also believe that she does not look less than a heroine. Pooja lives far away from the limelight, but appeared with her son shortly before. In fact, Karan’s debut film Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas was premiered, and Syed joined Pooja along with her family for this reason. During that time, these pictures of Pooja have been seen becoming quite viral on social media.

As everyone knows that Sunny Deol has made a distinct identity in the film world due to his excellent acting. He is a favorite of fans due to films, as well as staying connected with them on social media. By the way, Sunny shares very few pictures with his wife Pooja. Many people also believe that Sunny does not like to share her personal life with anyone. Significantly, the news of Pooja and Sunny’s marriage was also hidden from the media for a long time.

Let me tell you that Sunny married Pooja in the year 1984, before entering the film world. Their marriage has now completed 37 years. Do you know this fact that when Sunny came on screen, no one was aware that she is already married. In such a situation, everyone was shocked to know about his wife. Pooja did not appear to the media even after the news of the wedding was revealed.

Shortly before, Pooja’s picture became viral on social media when her son and actor Karan Deol shared her childhood photo with her on Mother’s Day. The most surprising thing is that Dharmendra himself hid the talk of Sunny’s wedding in front of the media. Actually Sunny’s film was going to be released desperate. At that time, Sunny’s father Dharmendra was interested enough to never spoil his romantic image about his marriage, at that time, the career of married actors and actresses used to sink quickly.

For this reason, Pooja stayed in London for many days after her marriage. Sunny also secretly used to go to London to meet Pooja. Even when the news of Sunny’s marriage was published in the newspapers, she denied this. But after some time, Sunny had told these things to be true, but even today, he keeps private things related to his wife and married life. Currently, Sunny is spending time in the house with his wife and children in lockdown.

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