Tips and Tricks will spoil the taste of food due to excess oil in the vegetable

Useful Kitchen Tips: While cooking, many times the oil in the vegetable falls in haste. Because of which both the taste and color of the vegetable deteriorate. In such a situation, if you ever happen to this, then by adopting some special kitchen tips and tricks, you can reduce the excess oil that has fallen in the vegetable and also retain its taste. Let’s know how. 

Boiled potatoes will work-
If there is too much oil in your curry vegetable, then boil some potatoes and mix them in the curry vegetable and let the vegetable cover and cook for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes when you remove the lid of the vegetable, you will see that the vegetable oil has absorbed the potato. In this vegetable, you can later mix salt and spices as per taste. 

Tomato puree –
If you are getting more oil in the curry, then firstly separate the oil from the top layer of the vegetable and mix it with tomato puree. Doing so will add more flavor to your vegetable. If there is too much oil in the dry vegetable, then separate the vegetable from the oil first and cook the tomato puree in the remaining oil in the pan. When the puree is well cooked, then mix the vegetable made from above and cover it for 2 minutes and turn off the gas after cooking on slow gas.

Bread Crumbs –
Dry roasted bread crumbs can go a long way to reduce oil from vegetable vegetables. Bread crumbs will also retain the flavor of the vegetable by absorbing more oil from the vegetable.

Gram flour –
Any dry vegetable such as potato, brinjal or ladyfinger if excess oil has fallen, you can roast the gram flour and mix it lightly in the vegetable to maintain the taste of the vegetable and reduce the oil. After this, mix well the gram flour in the vegetable and let it cook for a while. By doing this, oil mixed with gram flour will give a crisp taste to the vegetable.

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