Today is World No Tobacco Day, CM Shivraj tweeted and asked to take this pledge

Every year around 6 million people around the world embrace death due to tobacco-related diseases.

World No Tobacco Day is one of the eight official health campaigns in the world. The initiative was started by WHO to commemorate this campaign on 31 May. The purpose of celebrating this day is to inculcate a sense of complete abstinence from the use of tobacco in all respects around the world.

Encouraging people for this. Along with this, the purpose of celebrating this day is to draw attention to the ongoing tobacco production and trade in detail and also to tell the effect of its bad effect on health. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan (madhya pradesh cm shivraj singh chauhan) has also tweeted on World No Tobacco Day.

On World No Tobacco Day, Shivraj Singh Chauhan tweeted, “I read somewhere that one million people in India give up cigarettes and tobacco every year… because they don’t survive to do so.” After this, CM Shivraj wrote a line in double quote, “Tobacco will not be consumed from today” and further CM wrote, “This pledge of yours on #worldnotobaccoday will be the biggest gift for you and my family.”It is celebrated every year around the world on this day. The purpose of celebrating this day is the physical harm caused by tobacco and how we can get rid of this harmful substance.

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