Vegetables not purchased from the market for the last 10 years, grow organic fruits and vegetables on the roof

We all know how much the people of India are interested in agriculture, India is not called such gold sparrows. The soil of India is very beneficial for the farmers, but due to the situation not being favorable at times, the farmer has to suffer a lot of damage and his whole year of hard work is wasted in one stroke, sometimes due to bad weather So sometimes the farmers never give up due to the terror of wild animals and work hard day and night so that Anaaz can reach our plate. Today this story of ours is of “Marathon runner” Neela Renavikar Panchpor. Those who grow vegetables on the roof of their house due to lack of fresh vegetables in the city are also without soil.

Nowadays most of the farmers are doing organic farming. One of them is Neela, also from Pune, who grows vegetables without soil on her terrace. She cultivates a variety of vegetables and fruits in her terrace garden, which is heartwarming to see the beauty of it.

Uses fertilizers instead of soil.
NILA loves her tree plants very much and takes care of them like her children, she prepares fertilizers for her tree plants on her own. She explains that things like dried leaves, cow dung and kitchen waste are used to make fertilizer, with the help of dried leaves, there is a lot of moisture present in the compost, which does not dry the plants and maintain their health as well. The yield is also very good.

When he thought of farming, he had little knowledge about farming but he did not give up and with the help of internet he started learning slowly and after a few days of hard work, compost in a small pot at home. It was the first step towards organic farming for NILA. What was it then? After a few days’ hard work, the journey of Neela’s organic farming began, or rather, the journey of farming.

NILA started in the early days of his cultivation by planting seeds in the bucket that he started by putting cucumber biz in the bucket, he poured his own compost in the bucket, then put the cucumber biz and put it on the roof. He got his first straight success after 30 days when he grew 2 cucumbers from his planted plants, even though the win was small but it was a result of his hard work for him. After this, they started preparing further and slowly chillies, tomatoes as well as potatoes also started growing in large quantities.

Nila said the benefits of organic farming,
Neela said that the benefits of organic farming said that it is very beneficial for our health, because all the vegetables that are sold in the market nowadays have a small amount of chemical that is available in our health. But it is very harmful. Neither this farming requires water nor the head of the plant, the most important thing is that in this way, weeds do not grow in this kind of cultivation because they do not have soil content.

Plants are put in plastic boxes in
blue plants and they try their best to save the environment for which they plant their trees in plastic bottles, through which plastic can also be useful and do not let it go in the soil of our country. . She has at least 100 plants on her terrises and she also distributes the flowers of those plants to the needy people.

She also encourages others to do organic farming,
Neela along with other people also explains the benefits of organic farming and encourages them so that all of them can also join organic farming. For this, she has formed a Whatsapp group, through which she explains the benefits of her farming method to the people and teaches everyone how to make fertilizer. Slowly, his hard work paid off and today, 30,000 people have joined this group in Tarric and they are all praising Neela’s initiative. EK BHARAT   salutes the efforts made by Neela for environmental protection.

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