Why do people shave their heads with cancer?

It was only a few weeks ago that Bollywood’s famous actress Sonali Binde, who was suffering from cancer, shared a picture of herself with people on Instagram. In this picture, he had kept his hair clean. Sonali Bindre took this picture during his ongoing treatment in a hospital in New York. In this picture shared on Instagram, there is not a single hair on his head.

So does cancer cause hair loss or reduction? So the answer is no. Cancer has nothing to do with the loss or reduction of hair. In fact, the cancer victim’s hair starts to decrease during the treatment of cancer. Let the patient be given chemotherapy during the treatment of cancer. It is given once to a month. The effect of this therapy is so tremendous in the body that it kills cancer cells as well as destroys the good cells of the body.

Due to which its effect is immediately visible in the mildest system of the body. Its effect is not only on the hair of the head, but the hair of every part of our body starts falling due to this. Because of this, doctors recommend this treatment. First remove the hair from the patient’s body.

Cancer has emerged as the second largest disease after heart disease in India. According to a report of Indian Council of Medical Research in 2016, about 39 lakh people in India are vulnerable to fatal disease like cancer. There are women. At the same time, the highest number of breast and oral cancers have been recorded in the country. Experts believe that in progressive countries, women get married after much age, due to which breast cancer problems start to arise in them.

At the same time, men get cancer due to the consumption of gutkha, khaini, tobacco etc. A report of the World Health Organization also says that 11 lakh 60 thousand new cancer patients can come to India this year, out of which about 50 Percentage of women can be a victim of this problem. However, it can be avoided by not consuming drugs, eating right and always checking the body.

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